The Leak Inspector is a division of TFS Plumbing.

We have always said that we are the best place to take your leak – pun intended!

Thermal Leak Detection

Our Thermal Leak Detector picks up on subtle changes in the temperature due to moisture. This enables us to trace the water back to its origin.

It checks the temperatures on surfaces you cannot touch.

Acoustic Leak Detector

Our Acoustic Leak Detector is very simple in the sense that it listens for the leak but requires experienced ears to hear the leak. Different leaks produce different sounds & every pipe creates a different noise.

Gas Leak Detector

By using this technique of leak detection, we use non-toxic, water insoluble gas that is lighter-than-air gas.

It is injected into an isolated section of water pipe. The Gas Leak Detector then picks up on the escaped gas as it is lighter than air & for this reason, comes to the surface through the soil and/or pavement.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

When you experience regular drain blockages, we recommend a CCTV Drain Camera Inspection. We are able to detect drain collapses, poor drain connections or cracks due to vicious roots. We use specialised equipment that records the drain camera’s path into the drain.

Whatever the problem, we are a part of the solution!